Your path to better Gut Health starts here!  

You are about to purchase a test that uses only a FEW HAIR STRANDS to uncover what is really going on in your body.

You will find out exactly what may be causing your digestive distress!

You will get insights into your:

✓ Personal food sensitivities
✓ Nutrient levels
✓ Botanical sensitivities
✓ Metal Toxicities
✓ Food additive sensitivity
✓ Hormonal Imbalances
✓ Gut bacteria levels
✓ Digestive enzyme levels

and also:

✓ Levels of hyaluronic acid & collagen to identify signs of ageing in your skin, bones and joints
✓ Levels of your stress hormone, cortisol
✓ Levels of your sleep hormone, melatonin
✓ Skin sensitivity to household products & cosmetics
✓ Levels of the hunger regulating hormones- ghrelin & leptin

All this from just a few strands of hair!

You can rest assured that we only partner with ISO accredited laboratories that adhere to the highest standards of quality assurance.

The accredited laboratories we use are based in the U.K. and use the science of atomic physics to identify which molecules your body is most sensitive to. 

Easy 4-Step Process

  1. Take the sample (only a few strands required) 
  2. Package the sample in a small sealable bag and label it with a bar code we provide you
  3. Post the sample to the lab using a priority-tracked envelope.
  4. Once results are received (about 10 days), you will be notified to book your Free Body-Mapping Session.


With this purchase you also get a FREE BODY-MAPPING session with a certified Gut Health Expert Practitioner to help you understand the results correctly.  

Your root cause will be identified using the results in context of your present and past medical history, dietary patterns, supplements and symptoms.

 You will not only get the results but also an understanding of what is happening, and expert advice on the CORRECT NEXT STEPS to  move your health forwards.


✓ A state of the art hair sample test, run by accredited labs in the UK to identify your Gut Health triggers

✓ A comprehensive 80 page report containing your results, with a copy to keep for your reference. 

✓ An expert assessment of your results in context of your personal medical and personal history

✓ Advice on how to improve any areas of concern you might have 

✓ All your questions answered 

✓ Clarity on your next step to move your health forwards

Once you know your ROOT CAUSE, you will be able to eat with confidence, combat digestive distress and perform at your peak!



Empowering yourself with FACTS INSTEAD OF GUESSWORK is key to improving your Gut Health and I'm here to help you every step of the way.


Integrative Nutrition Practitioner | Speaker | Author
Founder Jigsaw Wellness Ltd.
B.Sc, M.Sc., INHC


IMPORTANT:  This test falls under CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine). This is a diverse group of therapies, practices and products, which fall outside of conventional medicine or healthcare. CAM is used alongside conventional medicine or treatment, whilst alternative therapy is used in place of conventional medicine or treatment. Some therapies or practices could be used as either complementary or alternative; it depends on whether it is combined with conventional medicine alongside or not. Our mission is to empower you into actions by combining sensitivity testing and health coaching. Jigsaw Wellness Ltd. does not employ medical doctors that diagnose and prescribe medicine. The advice given before, during and after testing is to improve potential symptoms of Gut Imbalance through health-promoting and non-harmful means. Any serious medical issues should always be attended to by your trusted family doctor.

£529.00 GBP

Terms & Conditions

Test Information
I understand this test does not identify allergies. It identifies cellular inflammatory responses which can react differently and may give opposing results to blood work or allergy tests.


I will submit hair samples which reflect a true version of myself/or of people I have registered.

I will mail my sample via tracked mail or courier. (If you mail your sample via standard mail we cannot accept responsibilities for any lost or misplaced mail)

I give Jigsaw Wellness Ltd. and it’s chosen Laboratory Partners permission to test my sample
I consent to processing of my data according to Jigsaw Wellness Ltd.’s Privacy Policy