GUT-SMART: A DIY Mini-Course to help you Ease Digestion Immediately

Start your healing journey TODAY with GUT-SMART, a self-study mini-course crafted to help you reduce inflammation and eliminate bloating.

Discover simple, actionable steps to optimise your gut health and restore balance to your body in just a few weeks.


✓ Lifetime Access to bite-sized educational modules

✓ Easy and achievable targets to work on each week

✓ Flexibility- No LIVE meetings, so you can fit it around your schedule

✓ Deep understanding of how the microbiome is linked to Whole Body Health

✓ Nutrition & Lifestyle adjustments based on the successful R.E.S.E.T.™ method including:

→ How to manage your macro's
→ What to eat and when
→ The not-so-obvious things that can cause digestive distress
→ Gut-Friendly choices when it comes to sleep, movement & stress management 

The depth of this course will empower you with the knowledge to get you where you want to be, which is healthy and thriving with everything working the way it is supposed to.  

You will have way more time to enjoy life, instead of stressing about what you are eating.

BOTTOM LINE:  You can radically change your digestion using education, diet & lifestyle changes!  


£189.00 GBP or more